Giving scrap glass a second chance

Multimedia collage


Each candleholder is unique and can be purchased on its own or... 

    Anders started blowing glass in his fathers glass studio in Loenstrup, Denmark at the age of sixteen. He has been blowing glass for 25 years in Denmark and abroad.

    Anders has gained invaluable experience and cratftmanship from working with some of the best glass blowers in the world.

    In 2022, Anders moved to Iceland with his icelandic girlfriend and two kids. His mission is to give Icelanders the chance to experience high quality handmade glass, sourced and produced in Iceland. All his glasswear is made out of recycled glass that is collected from companies and individuals in Reykjavík.

    Anders is renting the glass workshop from glass blower Sigrún who is the owner of Gler í Bergvík located in Kjalarnes.

    Visits to the studio can be arranged upon request through telephone or email.